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Special arrangements 18/4 - 28/4

From 18/4 -28/4 there is only one doctor in the practice. On 18/4 and from 24/4-28/4 it will be Dr Goemaere, from 19/4-21/4 it will be Dr Vergauwen. Due to this reduced staffing, we are slightly adjusting our services.

-We work mainly with day appointments on these days: on the day itself these appointments are released at 8 am, so you can book your appointment via the website from 8 am onwards.

-Consultations on these days will last 15 minutes instead of 20 minutes. We therefore limit ourselves to only 1 subject per consultation.

-If you want to book an appointment for a problem that can easily wait a week, it is appreciated to postpone it until 2 May, when we will be back with 3 doctors. If you are unsure whether a problem is urgent or not, or if you have suddenly run out of medication, we would prefer you to book an appointment as soon as possible, better safe than sorry. However, non-urgent problems are best postponed.

-As always, for blood tests, STD screening, vaccinations, injections, wound care, wart freezing, spirometry and ECG, you can make an appointment with nurse Adriaan Vankeerbergen instead of with the doctors. Together we can divide the work a bit.

Thank you for your understanding!

Dokters De Beurs

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