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Welcome in our medical group practice

We are currently very busy at the practice, which has forced us to put a stop to patients. We are still making exceptions for Dutch-speaking patients who live close to the practice, as the supply of Dutch-speaking GPs in Brussels is very limited. Good luck in your search for another GP at

Our team

General Practitioner / Family Doctor / Sports Medicine




Dr. Charlotte Goemaere (NL/ENG/FR)

Dr. Dries Vergauwen (NL/ENG/FR)
Dr. Lize Vaes (NL/FR/ENG)

Adriaan Vankeerbergen (nurse - NL/ENG/FR)

Thomas Maeseele (NL/ENG/FR)
Charlelie Seroen (NL/FR/ENG)
Ilkje Devlieger (NL/ENG/FR)

Fien Maes (NL/ENG)

Véronique Huget (NL)
Marinke Abrams (NL)


Email and phone:

02/486 70 60


Rue des Fripiers 15-17 box 10

1000 Brussels

How to find us:

We are well hidden in the Galerie du Centre. When you enter the galery, continue to the T junction where you go to the left. 10 meters further you see a black door on your left with the signs 'Physio BXL' and 'Medics BXL'. We are located behind this door on the fourth floor. See video.

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